New Pokèmons Revealed

New pokemons was reavealed from pokemon X & Y :

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This is Helioptile , it’s an Electric / Normal type and he have the Parabolic Charge wich heals the use pokemon for half  of the damage it inflicts .

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This is Pancham , it’s a Fighting type and he can learn the new move Parting Shot , which lowers the foe’s Attack and Special Attack , then switches out for another of your pokemons .

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This is Pangoro the Pancham’s evolution and it’s a Fighting / Normal type .



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This is Fletchling , it’s a Normal / Flying type and he can learn the Flame Charge move .

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This is Talonflame the Fletchling’s evolution and he’s a Fire / Flying type .

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This is Gogoat , he is a pure Grass type and it’s enough large for trainers to ride him . It can learn the Horn Leech move for some solid damage as well as recovery , too


Mega Charizard X & Y

Are now confirmed the new mega evolutions of Charizard , Charizard X and Charizard Y .

Mega Charizard Y retains it’s Fire/Flying type but he get the Drought ability , wich create an infinite Sun Day effect , and additional Special Attack .


Mega Charizard X instead gains the Dragon/Fire type , it gets the ability Tough Claws , wich raises the power of the moves what gets at contact with the foe , such as Dragon Tail , and it gains a significant increase of it’s attack stat .

mega_charizard_xmega_charizard_x_battle_3 mega_charizard_x_battle_4 ( visit it for more information )

Mega Evolutions

There are a lot of pokemons in the Kalos region what have a mega evolution like Lucario and Blaziken .

To mega evolve , a pokemon need to hold a particular instrument findable only in pokèmon X & Y

pokemon-x-y-mega-blaziken-mega-lucarioimages (23)

There are some pokemons what have two form of mega evolutions like Mewtwo what need to hold Mewtwonite X for his mega evolution X and Mewtonite Y for his mega evolution Y .

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Pokèmon X & Y

It’s now coming new pokemon serie of pokemon X & Y , with new pokemons , new cities and new characters in the Kalos region. In pokemon X & Y for nintendo 3DS and the newest nintendo 2DS the leggendaries pokemon are Xerneas and Yveltal. images (18)images (17) kalos-region

In pokemon X & Y there are some new facts like air battles ,  group battles , diagonally walk , sitting on panches and ride on the new Gogoat and Skidoo pokemons .

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The three new starters are grass pokemon Chespin with his evolutions Quilladin and Chesnaught what’s a dark/fighting type , fire pokemon Fennekin with his evolutions Braixen and Delphox what’s a (thanks to god) fire/psychic type and water pokemon Froakie with his evolutions Frogadier and Greninja what’s a dark/water type .

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Gyms And Badges

In the most city of the regions there are some gyms where you can get badges.

In every gym there’s an intricate maze with many trainers what will battle with you.

At the end of every maze there’s a gym leader what you can fight , if you win you will get the badge.

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The badges are items you need to go to the pokèmon league .


When you get 8 badges you can go at the pokèmon league to fight with the Elite Four . If you beat them you can go to the league champion , the  best traner of the region , end fight him .

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Pokèballs And Pokèdex


The pokeballs are used to capture pokemons what you gonna use in your journey.


There are 26 pokeballs and everyone works different.

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Every ball have a different catch rate. The catch rate depends of the pokemons , too. If the pokemon has a low level or low HP (Health Points) or it have a status problem (like paralysis , sleep or freezing) the catch rate increase .


The pokedex is an instrument wich is used to get information to the pokemon species .

If you meet a pokemon his name , his aspect and his pokedex number will be added to the pokedex , if you capture it other data will been added to his page. Every region created a pokedex what will include the pokemon in that region.


GEN_I Pokèdex







GEN_II Pokèdex


GEN_III Pokèdex





GEN_V Pokèdex


And The New GEN_VI Pokèdex Of Pokèmon X & Y