Pokèmon X & Y

It’s now coming new pokemon serie of pokemon X & Y , with new pokemons , new cities and new characters in the Kalos region. In pokemon X & Y for nintendo 3DS and the newest nintendo 2DS the leggendaries pokemon are Xerneas and Yveltal. images (18)images (17) kalos-region

In pokemon X & Y there are some new facts like air battles ,  group battles , diagonally walk , sitting on panches and ride on the new Gogoat and Skidoo pokemons .

images (16)images (14)

images (12)3771724807

The three new starters are grass pokemon Chespin with his evolutions Quilladin and Chesnaught what’s a dark/fighting type , fire pokemon Fennekin with his evolutions Braixen and Delphox what’s a (thanks to god) fire/psychic type and water pokemon Froakie with his evolutions Frogadier and Greninja what’s a dark/water type .

images (19)607181


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