New Pokèmons Revealed

New pokemons was reavealed from pokemon X & Y :

images (24)

This is Helioptile , it’s an Electric / Normal type and he have the Parabolic Charge wich heals the use pokemon for half  of the damage it inflicts .

images (26)


This is Pancham , it’s a Fighting type and he can learn the new move Parting Shot , which lowers the foe’s Attack and Special Attack , then switches out for another of your pokemons .

images (34)

This is Pangoro the Pancham’s evolution and it’s a Fighting / Normal type .



images (33)


This is Fletchling , it’s a Normal / Flying type and he can learn the Flame Charge move .

images (31)


This is Talonflame the Fletchling’s evolution and he’s a Fire / Flying type .

images (25)


This is Gogoat , he is a pure Grass type and it’s enough large for trainers to ride him . It can learn the Horn Leech move for some solid damage as well as recovery , too


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