New Pokèmons Revealed

New pokemons was reavealed from pokemon X & Y :

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This is Helioptile , it’s an Electric / Normal type and he have the Parabolic Charge wich heals the use pokemon for half  of the damage it inflicts .

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This is Pancham , it’s a Fighting type and he can learn the new move Parting Shot , which lowers the foe’s Attack and Special Attack , then switches out for another of your pokemons .

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This is Pangoro the Pancham’s evolution and it’s a Fighting / Normal type .



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This is Fletchling , it’s a Normal / Flying type and he can learn the Flame Charge move .

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This is Talonflame the Fletchling’s evolution and he’s a Fire / Flying type .

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This is Gogoat , he is a pure Grass type and it’s enough large for trainers to ride him . It can learn the Horn Leech move for some solid damage as well as recovery , too


Mega Charizard X & Y

Are now confirmed the new mega evolutions of Charizard , Charizard X and Charizard Y .

Mega Charizard Y retains it’s Fire/Flying type but he get the Drought ability , wich create an infinite Sun Day effect , and additional Special Attack .


Mega Charizard X instead gains the Dragon/Fire type , it gets the ability Tough Claws , wich raises the power of the moves what gets at contact with the foe , such as Dragon Tail , and it gains a significant increase of it’s attack stat .

mega_charizard_xmega_charizard_x_battle_3 mega_charizard_x_battle_4 ( visit it for more information )

Mega Evolutions

There are a lot of pokemons in the Kalos region what have a mega evolution like Lucario and Blaziken .

To mega evolve , a pokemon need to hold a particular instrument findable only in pokèmon X & Y

pokemon-x-y-mega-blaziken-mega-lucarioimages (23)

There are some pokemons what have two form of mega evolutions like Mewtwo what need to hold Mewtwonite X for his mega evolution X and Mewtonite Y for his mega evolution Y .

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Pokèmon X & Y

It’s now coming new pokemon serie of pokemon X & Y , with new pokemons , new cities and new characters in the Kalos region. In pokemon X & Y for nintendo 3DS and the newest nintendo 2DS the leggendaries pokemon are Xerneas and Yveltal. images (18)images (17) kalos-region

In pokemon X & Y there are some new facts like air battles ,  group battles , diagonally walk , sitting on panches and ride on the new Gogoat and Skidoo pokemons .

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The three new starters are grass pokemon Chespin with his evolutions Quilladin and Chesnaught what’s a dark/fighting type , fire pokemon Fennekin with his evolutions Braixen and Delphox what’s a (thanks to god) fire/psychic type and water pokemon Froakie with his evolutions Frogadier and Greninja what’s a dark/water type .

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