Gyms And Badges

In the most city of the regions there are some gyms where you can get badges.

In every gym there’s an intricate maze with many trainers what will battle with you.

At the end of every maze there’s a gym leader what you can fight , if you win you will get the badge.

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The badges are items you need to go to the pokèmon league .


When you get 8 badges you can go at the pokèmon league to fight with the Elite Four . If you beat them you can go to the league champion , the  best traner of the region , end fight him .

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Pokèballs And Pokèdex


The pokeballs are used to capture pokemons what you gonna use in your journey.


There are 26 pokeballs and everyone works different.

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Every ball have a different catch rate. The catch rate depends of the pokemons , too. If the pokemon has a low level or low HP (Health Points) or it have a status problem (like paralysis , sleep or freezing) the catch rate increase .


The pokedex is an instrument wich is used to get information to the pokemon species .

If you meet a pokemon his name , his aspect and his pokedex number will be added to the pokedex , if you capture it other data will been added to his page. Every region created a pokedex what will include the pokemon in that region.


GEN_I Pokèdex







GEN_II Pokèdex


GEN_III Pokèdex





GEN_V Pokèdex


And The New GEN_VI Pokèdex Of Pokèmon X & Y

Moves And Types

– Moves

All pokemons can attack only using the moves they’ve learned .

Every pokemon can know from 1 to 4 moves. There are 3 types of moves (physical , special , status)efg

1. Physical

The physical moves are the moves where the pokemons touch the enemy pokemon . Some pokemon abilities is actived when the enemy pokemon use a physical attack .

1. Special

The special moves are the moves where the pokemons haven’t a contact with the enemy but he uses other elements to hurt the enemy.

1. Status

The status moves are used to cause status problems (paralysis , poison , burn etc.) or status changes (increase attack , reduce speed etc.) at he or at the enemy.



Every pokemon and pokemon move has a type and every type have advantages and disavantages.

Pokemons can have at least two types and every move can have at least one type.

There are 17  types in the world and the new fairy type what is gonna to come the 12 october with pokemon X & Y.

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All the pokemons in the world battle against to gain experience.

When a pokemon gains enough experience he grew a level and he’s stats will grow

When a pokemon grows to a stabilished level will evolve to get a new form and become more powerful.

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There are four types of battles.

-single battles : in the single battles there are two pokemon one against one and every pokemon can only attack the enemy pokemon.



-Double battles : in the double battles there are two pokemons against two and every pokemon can attack  one enemy or the partner ; there are some attacks what can hit more pokemons.

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-Triple battles : in the triple battles every pokemon can only attack the two (three for the pokemon in the center) pokemons in front of it and the pokemon/s near him ; the pokemons can change their place,too.

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-Rotate battles : in the rotate battles the pokemons are placed in the form of a triangle and all pokemons can rotate to left or right and attack to change their places .

ATTENTION : the pokemons change places in the same time so you’ll need to use the instinct

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